Loose Diamond Supply

We manufacture Marquise and Pears from 0.02 - 0.90ct in white, brown, and yellow goods with quality ranging from VVS - I2. Our large and versatile inventory enables us to sell the diamonds at a competitive price with consistency.

Diamond Sorting

Customize your order according to color, clarity and sizes. Our core strength lies in the ability to supply well-calibrated diamonds and maintaining quality control as per client’s requirements.

Bagging & Shipping

For your convenience, we bag your diamonds according to your needs. Every order of sorted diamonds you receive meets your specifications, down to the very last stone.

Jewellery Setting & Polishing

Send us your CAD design or Mounting and our expert team will select the diamonds needed to complete the piece. We then set, polish, and finish it for you.

Matched Sets

Design your jewellery with matching diamond pairs, We will carefully match every set to ensure they look perfectly symmetrical.

Custom Jewellery Layouts

We listen to your ideas and opinions. Our designers and artisans then work together to bring your ideas to life.